Jen is very knowledgeable and tailors each workout to her client's ability. She offers flexible hours and a friendly environment. I have been working with Jen once a week for over 6 years. Great workouts each week!

-Linda Young

Jen knows her stuff! Seeing results...keeps changing workouts...never boring!

-Cynthia P.

Have been going to Jen twice a week for about 2 years now and I still love it. I originally saw her ad and thought that I could get a free training session just to get some info and then maybe work out myself at home. I was so impressed I signed up for a month, and then another month, and 2 years later here I am, 51 years old and feeling better than ever. Jen really knows how to keep things interesting and never runs out of new and different ways to give me the same great workout week after week. She's knowledgeable, fun to talk to and very low key. Can motivate without yelling. The atmosphere is very relaxed with a no nonsense feel to it which I love. I can't say enough good things about Body By Jen. Very glad I decided to call her.

-Moira B.

I've been working with Jen for 10 years now and can always count on her to keep me motivated. I prefer to work with free weights as my goals are strength and size and I love the way Jen safely progresses me and changes my routine to keep my workouts fun. I highly reccommend her!"

-Sean Loring