Fitness assessments

A fitness assessment is an evaluation of your level of fitness. Taking your current status into account allows me to design a routine specifically tailored for you. This will help us set realistic goals to achieve your desired results and boost your rate of success.

Functional training

Functional training or purposeful training is preparing and conditioning your body to perform optimally for either daily activities or a specific purpose such as a sport.

Weight loss and toning

Diet and exercise go hand in hand in order to achieve a toned body. You need to engage in strength training as well as shed the layer of fat covering your muscles.

Strength training

Strength training is a key component to overall health and well being. It promotes body fat reduction, increases lean muscle mass and facilitates the burning of calories more efficiently.

Core training

Targets the group of muscles that make up the “core” providing the foundation for strength and flexibility in your everyday life and activities. These stabilizing muscles help control overall movement, distributes weight and protects the back reducing the risk of injury.

Flexibility and balance

Flexibility tends to decrease with age as well as be overlooked in general. Without adequate flexibility daily activities become arduous to perform. Consequently, improved flexibility will enhance training and muscular conditioning in sport.

Body Building

To develop ones muscular system.

Special Needs Training

Training those with special needs, for example, Parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy and autism.